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About Our Fries

Our fries are hand-cut then twice fried in duck fat. Double frying is known as the “Belgian-style” and was how the first fries ever produced in Belgium were cooked. Tossed in our house made fry salt, served in a cone with a ????? of our from scratch mayos, you will find yourself being transported to the streets of Beligum and Amsterdam right here in Maine.  

The Norwis Potato

We exclusively use the Norwis potato from Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg, ME. Grown in the sandy soil of an ancient river bed of the Saco River, these Norwis potatoes are unparalleled. Not only is the Norwis prized for its frying qualities, but also for its delicate potato flavor

Potato Culture

Potato farming in Maine has a history dating back to the 18thcentury.  Though the potato originated in the Andes in South America where they have been cultivated for over 7,000 years, potatoes have had a major influence on culture and societies for centuries across the world. From the original inventors of the modern-day fry or fritein Belgium, to the infamous potato fields of Ireland, Maine has carved a historic place on the global potato map due to its cool climate and agreeable soil that have made potatoes not only a staple food on Mainer’s tables for centuries but a major part of the state’s economy. Today, Maine is producing some of the finest tasting potatoes in the world.